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Crypto Shirts+
Google | Lucky
1 April 6, 2022 sucks, just wanted to add a custom field to collect customer info and it was impossible and their user interface is so confusing too
SayIt_From The Heart
Google | Lucky
1 March 28, 2022 One of the worst implementations of an import/export app I have seen. I imported 47 records and got the message that there were no errors yet none of the records were changed. Support told me there was an error in my file... If that was the case then you would think the app would be smart enough to tell you that there was a problem instead of reporting no errors. Also, beware that this doesn't import titles or descriptions - very limiting in my opinion.
Google | Lucky
1 April 4, 2021 stupid plugin. this app makes it so hard to remove, just make the remove button big and clear ok? not a good user experience