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Quantity breaks and discounts
Quantity breaks and discounts

Set up quantity break offers to display discounted pricing to customers. Customize order minimums easily.

Sell more w/ volume discounts
Sell more w/ volume discounts

Generate more sales with bulk orders by offering volume discounts and custom pricing on products or the entire collection.

Automate custom pricing
Automate custom pricing

Offer tiered discounts and pricing to your customers based on tags.

Recent Update:

Our app now supports Shopify Multiple Currencies! Our app now supports AJAX Carts!

Offer quantity breaks and volume discounts to increase sales!

Setting up discounted pricing couldn’t get easier. Offer tiered pricing and discounts to your customers based on product volume and quantity breaks.

The app offers an easy to use the dashboard to create your discounts and tiered pricing for your customers. Apply custom pricing across a specific product range or the entire product catalog.

Incentivize customers to add more items to cart and buy in bulk.

Be it offering volume pricing, attracting new customers or rewarding repeat and loyal customers, the app lets you set up discounted pricing in minutes.

Encourage shoppers to sign up at your store.

Offer member-only pricing. Nudge your store visitors and shoppers to sign up and create customer accounts on your store to view members-only pricing. Apply discounts to only signed-in, tagged customers to boost customer engagement and loyalty.

Upsell products to increase cart value

Offer quantity discounts on the cart page with our notification bar, nudging the customer to increase product quantity. Increase your cart value with smart upsells driven by discounts.

Do more with Custom Pricing and Discounts.

1. Discounted Pricing model

Increase your average order value, reward your regular customers and make pricing more flexible for them. With our volume discount app, you encourage customers to explore more products and buy more at a price that they love!

2. Custom Pricing & Discounts

  • Offer percentage-based volume and quantity discounts
  • Offer $ based volume and quantity discounts
  • Create dynamic discounts for future products with tags
  • Add unlimited discount levels

Increase Shopify sales with discounted pricing and quantity-based discounts.

Here are some examples of dynamic campaigns Shopify stores are running:

  • 20% off on 5 or more products
  • 50% off site-wide on BFCM
  • Save $10 if you buy 3 or more
  • Save 5% if you spend $200 or more

Powerful features to promote volume discounts.

  • Customize the look and feel of your custom pricing to match product pages
  • Offer time-sensitive quantity breaks and volume discounts to create urgency
  • Use a notification bar on the cart page to upsell and increase sales
  • Change the messaging and language to suit your brand tone

Get started with volume discounts and quantity breaks for free. Grow your sales with increased average order values!