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Protect Photos, Content, Block Country and IP, & Add Watermark

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Keep Content Safe
Keep Content Safe

20 Locks to choose from! Disable right-click, keyboard shortcuts & prevent bots.

Take Control
Take Control

Block visitors from certain countries. Or, block a certain visitor by their IP address.

Watermark Protection
Watermark Protection

Protect your images by adding Watermark against screenshot attempts.

Protect photos and content on your website.

Content theft has been a major issue since the ubiquity of the internet. It is quite simple to download and copy photographs from websites. But unfortunately, many individuals are unaware that they are utilizing someone else's work without permission, which is a kind of copyright infringement. Cybarmor prevents image and content theft from your website.

Increase security by using more than 20 available locks.

In general, website visitors can download photographs simply by right-clicking and selecting the "save image" option. However, when Cybarmor is activated, visitors are stopped from right-clicking and saving images from your website. You can also prohibit people from saving photos by using the drag and drop option and many more. Besides, you can prevent Google from indexing images on your website.

Copyright Protection.

People who sell artworks must safeguard their intellectual property. Especially, it is critical for stores that use pictures given by suppliers because many firms are obligated to adhere to copyright and usage-rights agreements. With the personalized warning message feature of Cybarmor, you can present the copyright of the images & content on your website.

Block Unwanted Visitors.

Cybarmor gives you complete control over who visits your business and how they interact with the information on your website.

  • Limit visitors based on their country of origin.
  • Block specific visitors based on their IP addresses.
  • Allow visitors from only specified countries to enter.

Robust Features.

  • Mouse Locks (Right-Click, Drag&Drop, Full Screen Click Locks)
  • Keyboard Shortcut Locks (Copy&Paste, File Save, Print Screen Locks)
  • Screen Protectors (Focus Lock, Force Touch Lock, Screenshot Lock)
  • Watermark Protection (Image & Text Watermark)
  • External Defense Lock (Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest)
  • Personalized Warning Messages
  • Source Code Security
  • Country Restrictions

Why Cybarmor is different from other apps?

When you discover someone loitering in your store for hours on or someone attempting to place an order with a stolen credit card, how do you handle those situations? What if you received an order from a country where your shipping method is unavailable?

By blocking suspected visitors or visitors from specified countries, you will save time dealing with those important issues.


Cybarmor adds an extra layer of security to your store that is powerful enough to protect your website from 99% of site visitors. Cybarmor is intended to be a front-end security tool and cannot provide complete protection against server-level attacks or complete access to the code set.