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Export data to help comply with local tax regulations

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Comply with tax regulations
Comply with tax regulations

Exported data is compiled to comply with tax regulations specific to your location.

Export straight to your inbox
Export straight to your inbox

Request an export and receive it via email in CSV format.

Get unaltered data
Get unaltered data

Receive complete, unaltered data directly from Shopify’s database—including previously deleted orders.

Businesses with tax obligations in certain countries are legally required to provide transaction records to prevent potential tax evasion. With the Data Exporter - Tax Compliance app, you can export complete, unaltered Shopify store data to share with tax authorities—or retain for your personal records.

Exported data is compiled to comply with regulations specific to your location:

Australia France (Article 88) Germany (GoBD)

Key features

  1. Export store data for specific calendar years.
  2. Receive a CSV file sent to your email address for easy access and sharing.
  3. Includes all transactions made through the Shopify Point of Sale app.