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Bulk Import, Export, and Update through Excel Spreadsheets.

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Easy to Setup

Once the app is downloaded into your store, you can export your data (customers, products, and orders) in a familiar format such as Excel.

Quickly Update

Use our template to update your store data by bulk or individually. Choose what you'd like to work on and go at it!

Responsive Team

We are here to help out! Use our comprehensive support docs or just drop us a note and we will get back to you ASAP!


  • Import detailed data (products, customers, inventory, and orders) from your store into CSV format (like Excel or Google Sheets) to make changes and adjustments to key information
  • Select the data that you want to import based off an easy to use add/remove list within the app to choose which fields to view and edit in CSV format


  • Detailed template that spans across many fields to make adjustments to your data
  • Reliable progress bar to show when data is completed importing and if there are any failures during the process
  • Ability to work while importing is being done in the background


  • Export all the necessary information for your products into an easy to edit CSV file
  • Data fields include title, descriptions, images from server, metafields, status, and so much more!
  • Make changes to your inventory quantities while in the app and upload back to your store
  • To get a detailed breakdown of what the fields mean, check out our support docs or send us a message on the website!


  • Have a list of the key info pieces of your customers at your fingertips in CSV format
  • Many teams have customer relationship management tools or marketing software that resides outside of the commerce platform and use Data Guru to pull all of the customer info from the website into CSV to upload into their own marketing platform
  • Some details that can be imported include name, email, metafields, and a ton more!


  • Having a list of orders is essential for many merchants and using the import functionality of Data Guru for this is key
  • Import key pieces such as order number, dollar amount, dates, and many other business critical data points!


  • Merchants we speak to want to change specific collections at specific times to delight their customers and this is where Data Guru can help!
  • Select which collections to export and then import with a click of a button
  • You can make the changes desired and import them back to your store to prepare for sales, campaigns, and new item collections

A few other things that we want to highlight for Data Guru…

  • Change prices of items by the bulk or individually
  • Take advantage of pictures on your local server and update them through Data Guru
  • Update key SEO data fields to reach your customers
  • Have full visibility of the status of your import/export job
  • Continue with your day-to-day work on the store as the import/export job works in the background
Export your data

Export your data

Bulk import your data

Bulk import your data

Data is organized by separate sheets

Data is organized by separate sheets