Delist Automation

Delist products automatically based on delist rules

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Automatic product delisting
Automatic product delisting

Delist products as soon as a customer makes a purchase by setting up rules that delist them based on their stock level

Choose how to delist products
Choose how to delist products

Choose how to delist products, by the Archive, Draft, Delete or Unpublish statuses

Unlimited delist rules
Unlimited delist rules

Add as many rules as you want for as many products you want and quickly activate, deactivate or delete them

Delist Automation

Delist Automation allows Merchants to customise and automate how they delist products from all their sales channels.

How does it work?

Delist Automation takes care of tracking a product's stock level when customers purchase products, then it applies any custom delist rules that are activated for those products.

  • With these custom delist rules, a Merchant can control at what stock level they want to delist products instead of having to manually adjust the inventory to have it stop selling.
  • These custom delist rules also allow Merchants to update a product's status when it gets delisted. The available statuses are: Archive, Draft, Delete and Unpublish (remove from all sales channels only).
  • Merchants can activate, deactivate or delete these rules at any time.
  • Unlimited rules can be applied
  • Add delist rules from the Products Overview/Details page if you spend a lot of time on the products page.