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Ship Faster
Ship Faster

How fast do you ship compared to your competitors? Review industry benchmarks and improve your shipping performance.

Deliver Faster
Deliver Faster

How long does your courier take to deliver your customers orders? Find out and improve overall delivery times through industry knowledge.

Find Lost Orders
Find Lost Orders

Instantly see which orders are lost in transit or have delivery problems before your customers find out, boosting satisfaction levels.

Deliverd is a shipping and delivery performance reporting suite.

It helps you understand how you're performing against your industry and gives you the instant knowledge to improve your customer satisfaction levels.


  • Are you the fastest Shipper in your industry?
  • How long do you take to ship orders out? By Country? By Courier? By Period?


  • Are you using the overall most efficient courier?
  • Who is the worst performing courier by country? Time to switch?

At Risk Orders

  • Can you quickly find orders that are lost in transit before your customers complain?
  • How about orders that failed delivery? Can you ship the order out again, knowing the failed order is being returned to you?

Deliverd helps you answer all of these questions to improve and beat your competitors by increasing customer satisfaction.

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Deliverd Dashboard

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Deliverd Orders

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