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Optimise your collections
Optimise your collections

See which collections convert and how much revenue each one generates.

Improve your product offering
Improve your product offering

Track all product metrics on each funnel and the effects your changes have.

Quick and easy setup
Quick and easy setup

Simple one-click install, secured data storage and lightning page load-time.

As e-commerce veterans we know the full potential of working with data: tracking, storing, processing, processing it again, defining the right formulas, making sense of it. It's still not easy. We're on a mission to make it accessible for everyone.

Dhatma records all the actions taken by your customers and reports near real-time, all in a non-intrusive way and without affecting the load times of your pages. We don't do any sampling, or take any shortcuts. All data is being captured, processed and presented back to you.

Currently in Dhatma:

  1. Promote the right collections by tracking each collection view, the product impressions and views it generates, funnel conversions, revenue, and so forth.
  2. See what your clients are searching.
  3. See which products convert and which not in each collection or in search.
  4. Find your hidden products, the ones that are invisible to your customers (0 impressions or views).
  5. See how your funnels convert, be it search, collection, homepage or recommended products.
  6. Increase your collection funnel revenue by finding the products with high conversion rates, but low visibility, and the products with high visibility, but low conversion rates.
  7. See the performance impact of your product changes, be it a change in price, a reworded title or even a new photo.
  8. See your overexposed or underexposed products based on their visibility and conversion rates.

We're enthusiastic to help you onboard, answer any questions you may have or listen to your feedback. You can schedule a call with us anytime on our website.