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Discord Integration and Role mapping

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Discord integration
Discord integration

Login/Register using popular social media like Discord with customizable theme, shape, color and size of the icons.

Discord Role mapping
Discord Role mapping

In Discord Integration and Role mapping, user creates on your Discord Server when user login using Discord with assigned Role.

Content Restriction on Role
Content Restriction on Role

Allows you to restrict the content for a user based on the role present in the discord server.

Discord Integration & login

Discord Integration and login allows you to perform User Restriction and Role Mapping for the users who are performing single sign-on using discord application on your store. It is embedded with the features like Discord User Restriction and Discord Role Mapping. In Discord User Restriction, User will be able to register to your store only if they are already added to your discord server. In Discord Role Mapping. We map the discord role of the user on the basis of their tags/memberships/subscription. We also customized our discord feature as per customer requirements.

How Discord Integration works?

  • Log in to Discord Console & create New Custom Application

  • After creating an OAuth Application, go to the Bot section. Click on the Add Bot button.

  • Now we need to add Bot to our server with the permission to access roles. You need to check Bot and select the permission and it will generate the URL. You need to copy that URL and paste it into the new tab. After that, you need to select the server where you need to add the Bot.

  • After successfully authorization, Go to the Bot section and copy the token and paste it in the Bot Token Key textfield.

  • To get the Guild ID,In Discord, open your User Settings by clicking the Settings Cog next to your user name on the bottom.

  • Go to Appearance and enable Developer Mode under the Advanced section, then close User Settings.

  • Open your Discord server, right-click on the server name, then select Copy ID.Paste it in the Guild ID field.