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Who are we
Who are we

We help small businesses grow with the right technology solutions.

What we do
What we do

We equip shop owners with the right tools to run and optimize their business.

How we do it
How we do it

We listen to your story, successes, and struggles to build solutions to your pain points.

Combining discounts a simple and effective way to promote shops and boost customer engagement. Shop owners can reach customers and offer discounts in a variety of ways like running an email promotion and a brand ambassador program simultaneously. We provide a convenient way to manage concurrent sales and promotions. Spend less time adjusting prices and more time marketing with multiple discounts.

  • Automatic installation for supported themes
  • Clear manual installation instructions
  • Simple and minimal interface for managing discounts
  • Real-time graphs and metrics on discount usage
  • Ability for customers to combine discount codes
  • Safeguards to protect your sales