Find and link duplicate customers

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Combine duplicate accounts
Combine duplicate accounts

Find duplicate accounts and combine them under one main account.

All information in one place
All information in one place

A clear overview with information on all combined accounts.

Customer data and orders
Customer data and orders

Customer information includes a combined view of all orders from all combined accounts.

About Doppelganger

Customers can have made orders on multiple accounts for a variety of reasons. Doppelganger helps you find and combine these duplicate accounts under one main account, creating a clear overview for both you and your customer.

Combine customer accounts in a few simple steps

  1. Search for a customer by name, email or address
  2. Select all duplicate accounts
  3. Pick one main account to sort them under

Duplicate account suggestions

Doppelganger provides possible duplicate account suggestions on the detail page of a customer. Helping you find similar accounts.

Combined offer overview

The detail page of a customer account will contain a history of all orders made on that account, combined with all orders from any linked accounts.