Draft Order Helper

Add discount code, edit item properties, deduct inventory, etc

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Discount code on draft order
Discount code on draft order

You can create a checkout with discount code applied from draft order, or let customer input discount code on the draft order.

Add line item properties
Add line item properties

You can add line item properties to the line item on draft order for extra customization. eg: gift message. And rearrange, etc

Deduct inventories
Deduct inventories

You can deduct inventories of the draft order with 1 click, you won't have to worry about overselling while the draft is pending payment

If you are a store owner that takes orders from phone or at physical booth often, and want to create draft order to invoice customer, then this app is for you!


Instead of having to calculate discount amount manually (with calculator and insane memorization of product collections) when taking phone orders, you can now input discount code directly on the draft order, or let the customer input it on checkout! This would reduce error on discount calculation and make customer happier as they can redeem discount on checkout, thus increasing conversion rate.

You can also customize the product options (line item properties) of the draft order, eg: adding gift message on the product, this would make the draft order more personalized for the customer.

Instead of having to delete and recreate line items again sequentially, you can use this app to rearrange existing line items, to group them based on category, or sort by prices by just drag and drop, save time!

You can use the "Apply flat discount" feature to automate adding the same discount (amount or percentage) to each of the line items, this can save time and the discount will appear on each of the line items, which makes it clearer that each items were discounted.


  • Create checkout with discount code field from draft order
  • Edit line item properties of draft order
  • Rearrange line items of draft order
  • Apply discounts (amount or %) to selected line items (you can select which line items to apply discount) of draft order
  • Edit custom item title and price of draft order
  • Deduct inventories of items in draft order with 1 click, so you won't have to worry about overselling while the draft order is pending payment, you also won't need to go to inventory page to manually decrease items quantity anymore.