Import products from Dropi and Sync Orders

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This plugin enables the import of products from the dropi platform to your store.

Merchants need have dropi account, this app is for dropi users.

Dropi is a Colombian Platform to Dropshipping. So, in this plugin you can see all public dropi products and import it to your shopify account.

You can also sync the orders creation to dropi.

Once shopify creates the order, the application will make the order on your dropi account.

You can configure your shopify account in dropi and get the token for dropi auth.

Then you can save that token on this app and ready.

How this app help you? If you are a dropshipper on the dropi platform, you won't have to worry about creating your products manually.

With this app you can easily import your products to your shopify store.

In addition, you will no longer have to create your orders manually in Dropi, this app will create the orders automatically for you.