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Automatically detect and cancel fraudulent orders.

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Save Time, Stop Chargebacks.
Save Time, Stop Chargebacks.

No need to sort through orders in search of fraud anymore! DrWatson does it automatically for you.

Customize Validation Rules.
Customize Validation Rules.

Enable you to customize your own fraud validation rules to suit to your business needs.

Re-stock inventory.
Re-stock inventory.

Whenever a high-risk order is canceled, DrWatson restocks the items from that order for you.

Automatically cancel high-risk orders.

DrWatson saves you from accidentally fulfilling fraudulent orders - automatically. We automatically cancel 'high-risk' orders, send a cancellation confirmation to the customer (optional), restock the inventory, and refund/void the customer's payment (if any). Save time by not having to manually comb through orders in your Shopify admin dashboard.

Why do I need DrWatson?

While Shopify automatically flags high-risk orders for you, it doesn't cancel them - you still have to go through your list of orders manually to find and cancel the ones flagged as 'high risk'. DrWatson takes care of this for you - automatically.

How does it work?

Whenever you receive a new order, we check it based on Shopify's fraud analysis. If it's a high risk-order, we automatically cancel it, refund/void the payment (if any), restock your inventory, and email a cancellation confirmation to you and the customer (optional).