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Product variant descriptions—Smart features you're not using!

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Finally—variant descriptions
Finally—variant descriptions

Tell more about your products with unique variant descriptions. A much better way of explaining your product features.

Description for each variant
Description for each variant

Increase sales, minimize returns and customer support with descriptions for every product variant.

Product description that sells
Product description that sells

Optimize your product description, showcase all your product features. Publish to your online store in minutes. No coding required.

One product description is not enough.

If you need to display a different size chart, ingredients, weight, or dimensions for your product variants we can help. Our app is the solution for complex products, designed to enhance your product pages.

Yes, you can now add unique descriptions to product variants.

Stop being frustrated and restricted, stop trying to fit everything in one product description. Tell more, explain better, and help your customers to make the right choices.

Reduce customer support.

Decrease customer support time and costs by providing specific information for each variant.

Minimize returns.

Better descriptions that pinpoint every variant feature, specification, or option, allow your customers to make the right choice.

Communicate better.

Offer customers a better shopping experience. Eliminate guesswork, confusion, and misunderstandings.

Use cases:

  • Explain better the variant features
  • Communicate different shipping times or availability information
  • Provide variant sizing information
  • Display variant materials or fabrics
  • Differentiate between different kits or combo packages

Full features, easy-to-use editor.

Take complete control of your descriptions with a full-featured rich text editor, similar and easy to use to the native product editor:

  • Add images
  • Add videos
  • Add lists
  • Add links
  • Add tables
  • Use colors
  • Format text
  • Edit HTML code
  • SEO and accessibility friendly

No coding required, set up in minutes.

You do not need a developer, it is easy to install and get up and running in just a few minutes.

Powerful API.

With custom events listeners and access to data, we provide developers an easy way to extend the functionality on top of our exposed storefront API.

Performant, built for store owners and developers alike.

We are using top-notch infrastructure to deliver a highly performant application. Built with accessibility and performance in mind. Because our code is really small, minified, and gzipped, our application does not affect the storefront performance and will not be flagged by Google Lighthouse.

Free for trial and development stores.

Start and grow your business without having to worry about additional costs. We offer free plans for all development and trial stores. Take advantage of all application features and start building today!