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Show your prices in 160+ currencies (includes Bitcoin!)

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Rounding & price padding = $$$
Rounding & price padding = $$$

Automated rounding & price padding lowers cart abandonment, enhances customers experience and increases your store’s sales.

Go global with 160+ currencies
Go global with 160+ currencies

This multi currency converter covers 160+ currencies, including the fastest growing currency on the planet... Bitcoin.

High-speed currency conversion
High-speed currency conversion

Vortex loading technology and site speed optimization makes this the fastest currency converter on the market.

Imagine with a single click of a button, your store could go global. Site visitors in Singapore, Japan, Brazil or France could change your store’s prices to their own currency and then purchase your store’s products in said currency.

Dynamic Currency Converter is the fastest, most advanced currency converter in the Shopify App Store, that covers a plethora of currencies (160+), including the fastest growing currency in the world… Bitcoin.

It’s easy on the eyes, no matter the theme.

Six stunning templates makes this one of the more highly customizable currency converters out there. Currency Conversion shouldn’t stand out like a sore thumb, it should seamlessly integrate with your site’s design.

It plays nice with others.

This currency converter is compatible with all other apps and plays well with any device, any network… and even with Ajax. It even comes equipped with a developer tool, if you’d like to include your own custom CSS.

Automated currency converters should do what they say.

Not only is this currency converter the first app to be fully compatible with Shopify Multi-Currency. But, it sports tremendous price rounding capabilities, rounding in fives, tens, hundreds and thousands; and doing so with 3 different rounding methodologies (automatic, maximum and minimum).

A few other bells and whistles...

Dynamic Currency Converter now allows you to hide your currency converter from your store visitors, format currency with ISO (or without ISO code) and display the original currency with the simple hover of your mouse.