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Create lists of links within your own shop

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Boost SEO
Boost SEO

Increase your SEO score and reduce bounce rates by directing all traffic to your main site.

Clean and Minimal
Clean and Minimal

Organize your business's helpful links all in one place with a clean mobile optimized list of buttons.

Custom Styles
Custom Styles

Edit button colors to fit your shop theme.

Boost Your SEO

Drive everyone to your own site, reduce bounce rates and increase your SEO score

Improve Your Conversion Rate

By hosting a link tree on your own site, you shorten the sales funnel and increase the odds of a shopper adding a product to their cart and making a purchase.

Key Features

  • Minimal and elegant links page: Compatible with all themes and devices.
  • Fully responsive: Links automatically adjust to screen on desktop and mobile.
  • Pages API integration: One-click integrates with your store pages to save you time.
  • Customizable Styles: Choose button colors, text color, border size and more.