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connect2ship connects Shopify stores with the eCommerce Shipping dashboard to process, ship orders to the desired shipping provider. And to manage inventory under one platform. The platform offers the following features:

  1. Merchants can manage their stock in different warehouses and update them accordingly on order dispatch.

  2. Merchants can assign stock management to their users based on their roles.

  3. Merchants can integrate multiple shipping providers as per their requirements.

Merchants register on eCommerce Shipping. They would need to connect to the Shopify store by installing the connect2ship App and adding API Keys provided by eCommerce Shipping.

By connecting your Shopify Store, via the connect2ship app, you will get access to great features on the eCommerce Shipping platform:

Inventory Management Everything you need to track your inventory all in one place. Keep tabs on orders, sales, deliveries, and basically the entire flow of goods.

Order Management A seamless order processing platform to keep track of customer orders. Increase conversion rates with automation, swift fulfillment, and payment processing.

Better Shipping Shipping is made easier with our state of the art shipping system that lets you integrate with all major shipping carriers. Be a shipping pacesetter. Make your customers proud.

Customer Portal Give your customers access to the inner workings of their business. The dashboard offers tools and insights to help them run, manage and grow their business from anywhere.