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Increase your Meta/TikTok/Klaviyo ROI w/ lifetime attribution

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Lifetime attribution C-API

Reduce your CAC for returning customers. EdgeTag’s lifetime ID lets you engage customers across their entire journey with you, even on iOS.

No problem with iOS

Deliver all of your marketing signals to your growth channels. EdgeTag is not blocked so you capture every event.

Reduced CAC + quality traffic

Stop wasting money on clicks that don't convert. Higher Event Match Quality scores mean your ads go to the right people.

Boost your ad spend ROI with EdgeTag

You're spending too much on advertising. Per-unit ad spend has been rising because pixels are sending less and less data back to advertising platforms.

The solution from companies like Meta and TikTok is a costly server-side implementation of their Conversions API (C-API) that requires you to establish a lifetime ID for your users that doesn't depend on cookies.

That's where EdgeTag comes in. We've built this for you at the network edge, where you can get the power of the C-APIs without writing a line of code.

It takes minutes to deploy and your Event Match Quality scores immediately increase, driving down your CPC and giving a powerful boost to your ad spend ROI.

Key features

  • Set up in 2 minutes with no code
  • Get a lifetime ID for your customers across all browsers (including iOS 14.5)
  • Deploy once and work with any supported channel (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.)
  • Establish a first-party relationship with your customers so you won't get blocked
  • Consent Mode allows you to be fully compliant from day one
  • Get automatic app updates


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