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Auto-email for customers when items are restocked.

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Easy and quick setup
Easy and quick setup

We provide you with a one-click setup to activate our app, which enables the EMAIL button in your product page automatically.

Retrieve lost customers
Retrieve lost customers

Recover those potential customers by sending them back in stock emails, which may help you get those sales back and increase revenue.

Automatically send emails
Automatically send emails

Our app will automatically send back in stock emails to your customers, which enables you pay more attention to your own business.

Back in Stock - Restock Alerts will help you notify your customers when your products are back in stock. We know how important your customers are to you just as how important you are to us. If you have any feedbacks, you can feel free to contact us!

Retrieve Lost Customers & Sales

Think of this: Your customers are very excited about one of the products in your store, but unfortunately it just sold out. What will happen next? Your customers may wait for the product to be back in stock, but they do not have time to check every single day. This is why we show up! We want to help you retrieve these potential customers and recover those lost sales. Believe us, we value our customers as our customers value theirs.

Simple Setup

A one-click setup to help you retrieve your potential customers within 30 seconds. Just click the “Activate the button” and out app will automatically work for your Shopify store! It will automatically add the “EMAIL ME WHEN AVAILABLE” button to your out of stock products.

Support Shopify Theme 2.0

We integrate with Shopify Online Store 2.0! If you are using a Shopify Online Store 2.0 theme, our app is perfect for you since we have already integrated the app with Online Store 2.0. You can easily setup our app and then edit it in your theme editor.

About Emails

Once your customers finish subscribing out of stock products, our app will send them email automatically based on the email address they entered.

No spam for your customers

Don’t worry! We hate spams as much as you do. The app will send the a one-time email to your customers who subscribed, so it won’t bother your customers and make them feel less aggressive.

Coming Features

  • Reminder
  • Button customization
  • Sending frequency
  • Send manually
  • Customer info panel
  • More...