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Pay for Sales, not for Clicks
Pay for Sales, not for Clicks

Don't pay for the traffic on your website. Reward people who shared a link to your site and brought you a customer.

Reward with Crypto
Reward with Crypto

Crypto is a modern, fast and inexpensive way of delivering rewards to anyone and anywhere within seconds.

Easy and Automatic
Easy and Automatic

Focus on your business, forget the administration. The app can automate sending the rewards if you like. Start in minutes.

Use the Referral and Save Marketing Cost

Referral is a cost effective marketing. Unlike traditional marketing platforms, you don't pay for traffic on your website. You reward people who helped you to sell. You only have cost when you make profit. Motivate people to share links to your website and if that brings you a customer reward them with a cryptocurrency.

Crypto Gives you More Flexibility to Reward

Sending crypto coins is fast, direct and inexpensive. You can reward anyone and anywhere in the world within seconds, regardless weather he is or want's to by your customer. You don't need to manage vouchers, discounts and keep track of things. Crypto has few benefits over vouchers or cash:

  • Sending cryto takes just few seconds and the transfer costs is very low. You can send quite small amounts and yet people like it (similar to loyalty points)
  • You dont deal with bank accounts and do not process any personal info
  • You don't face tax issues
  • Crypto is getting quite popular recently and you can be different and cool
  • Though technically cryptocurrency is not money it can have a similar popularity with the people who earn it

Motivate People to Promote your Eshop

When someone wants to be rewarded for bringing you a customer he can share the link to your eshop. He just adds his unique referral code to the link. The code is actually an address of his crypto wallet to which the reward is sent.

It is Very Simple to Use

  • EASY for you - Eterlike app detects referral orders and sends rewards to referrers (automatically or after your confirmation)
  • SUPER EASY for the referrers - anyone can share your eshop URL, he just appends his crypto wallet address as a referral code

Important to know!

The app can reward a referrer ONLY when a customer adds the goods to cart with ADD TO CART button. If your store uses BUY NOW button the app will NOT be able to recognize the referral sale.

Start in 2 minutes

You can start using the app very quickly upon the installation. Just add your first link to page and specify the reward. Install and play!

Eterlike Coin

Eterlike is a cryptocurrency on Binance Smart Chain. It can be publicly traded on a crypto exchange. See more details on eterlike website