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Overview of sales and VAT per EU country incl. VAT thresholds

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Overview of Sales & VAT in EU
Overview of Sales & VAT in EU

Get a bird-eye view of sales and VAT per EU country.

Real-time VAT tracking
Real-time VAT tracking

Our app tracks your VAT status on a daily basis and alerts you timely when a EU country local threshold is reached.

Stay VAT compliant
Stay VAT compliant

Insights in country based Sales and country based VAT regulations will make it easier to comply with EU country regulations.

Notify - EU VAT helps you stay ahead of the curve and avoid any legal hassles that come with VAT.

Stop fretting over VAT thresholds in multiple EU countries, let us track them for you.

Notify - EU VAT comes with the following features.

  • Tracking local Sales and VAT on the number of EU countries
  • Get daily Sales and VAT report
  • Mobile & email notifications to alert you when you approach sales in a EU country which requires to take action on VAT regulations.
  • Easy-to-understand visually tracking VAT-map of EU per country.
  • Local currency conversion.
  • Get help when you need it through a one-on-one consultation

Just set it up once - let us handle everything

The only part you’ll have to do yourself while setting up the Notify - EU VAT is entering your business details.

Daily VAT & earnings tracking

No more having to manually calculate whether you’re reaching a threshold in sales in a EU country to take action. Notify gives you early warnings and info per country on the local VAT thresholds so you can take action timely.

Timely email & mobile alert notifications

Don’t have enough time to even open the app? No problem. This app sends you timely notifications to alert you on your earnings and your VAT brackets.

Automated VAT reports by country-specific jurisdiction

Save HOURS by letting our app create automated VAT reports based on the different legal jurisdictions of the countries you operate in.

Other Interesting Benefits of Notify - EU VAT

  • Intuitive user interface - Forget technical and accounting skills
  • Mobile-responsive experience
  • Free one-on-one consultation regarding your VAT queries
  • Prompt and responsive support team to help you through every step