Excise tax manager

Generate PACT act reports for any state

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No need to train your team
No need to train your team

Our solution has an easy-to-use dashboard which will save you a lot of time.

Shop data synchronization
Shop data synchronization

The excise tax manager will synchronize your shop data and fill in missing data for tax calculations.

Set your tags
Set your tags

The excise tax manager will collect data from your store and fill PACT act form.

If you are selling vape or electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS), you have to register with ATF according to 15 USC ยงยง 375 and 376. You must also register with any states that you ship vapes into. The excise tax manager will help you solve the complicated PACT act reporting and return tax calculations processes.

The excise tax manager will help you generate PACT act reports quickly without wasting much time. It will help you with missing data, and you need to fill in the data and validate products one time. ETM will take care of the rest. Tax rates are available for all states, plus you can see calculations for each month's excise tax return calculations. You need to validate and approve products information necessary for generating PACT act reports and tax calculations. In the dashboard, you will find products that are missing data or need validation.

Several challenges that excise tax manager solves for you.

Excise tax manager matches orders, tax rules, and validated data to calculate excise tax returns. Under the PACT Act, delivery sales of electronic nicotine delivery systems must also comply with state, local or tribal laws involving excise taxes on these devices.

  • PACT act reporting for all states
  • Unlimited report generation
  • No need for extra workers for tax filing
  • Grab your taxes in just a few easy steps
  • Check your excise taxes returns for all states
  • Validate products data
  • Exclude none ENDS products by setting tags
  • Check what products are missing cost and barcode

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