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Win new customers

Boost your sales with new customers who need their order delivered immediately and gain more returning customers.

Reduce your costs

We will do the picking and packing for you. No packing material is required. We deliver environmentally friendly.

Fewer returns

Customers who receive their order faster send fewer returns. The order arrives immediately and exactly when the goods are needed.

More and more customers want to have their order delivered faster. However, normal parcel service providers need several days to deliver your products. FAAST delivers within 60 minutes.

  • Win new customers through delivery within minutes
  • Increase your conversion
  • More returning customers through faster delivery
  • We take care of the pick & pack for you
  • Also save on unnecessary packaging material
  • Significantly fewer returns because your customers receive their order on time
  • Much less customer service inquiries due to live tracking

It is so easy

  1. Just install the APP
  2. Send us your products
  3. We deliver for you environmentally friendly
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