Visualize fabric patterns and designs

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Visualize Fabrics
Visualize Fabrics

App allows you to showcase your fabric as a finished garment aiding the imagination of your customer

Easy To Use
Easy To Use

Fab3D app is easy to use in three steps. Upload, crop and select the styles.

Save Time
Save Time

You don't have to create samples and do model photoshoots anymore.

Fab3D - Give Life To Your Fabrics!

Fab3D by TRI3D is as simple as it gets. Just click the picture of the fabric and upload to the application. A little bit of cropping is all it takes. Fab3D instantly shows it in various garment styles. Dresses, jumpsuits, gowns, tunics, suits, blazers, shirts, trousers, you name it, we will show it! Not just the apparel, we can also visualize home furnishings like table cloths, carpets, baby towels, hand towels, etc.

This will help your customer imagine the design or the fabric much more easily and help you sell your products faster!

It’s not just limited to physical fabric images. It works even if you have design files. Just upload the image form of the design CAD file, one can visualize the design in any style of choice! The application accepts images in jpg and png formats.

It is left to the user’s creativity and imagination, what and how you want TRI3D to visualize!

Integrate with your website Works on all devices – iOS, Android, Windows &Mac