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Garner Better Reach with Ads

Utilize Facebook Ads to target new customers, and expand your brand reach. Employ Ads analytics to monitor the effectiveness of the Ads.

Onsite Checkout Feature

Leverage checkout on Facebook & Instagram, which allows customers to make purchases seamlessly without having to leave the app.

Shops and Instagram Shopping

Create an immersive storefront with Shops and Instagram Shopping. Get your brands and products upfront for people to explore and buy.

The Facebook & Instagram Shopping App enables you to bring your products among all Meta surfaces including Marketplace, Shops, and Instagram Shopping helping people discover your products easily and make frictionless purchases. It also comes equipped with the new Facebook Business Extension.

☛ Note: Facebook Marketplace is limited to eligible sellers and items.

CedCommerce is a Meta Business Partner

Now Available with the powerful Ads feature, the app helps create and run ad campaigns. The ads can be used to reach new audiences, and improve brand awareness.

Benefits of Commerce on Meta:

Leverage powerful social media channels to expand your business in front of more meaningful connections. Some of the core benefits are:

  • Enable Ads on Shops & Instagram Shopping: Now integrated with the Ads feature, enjoy the benefits of selling over Meta commerce platforms with Shops & Instagram Shopping & increase brand reach.

  • Checkout on Facebook & Instagram: Now simplify the shopping journey by enabling frictionless payments. Checkout makes it quick, easy & secure for people to buy products directly without leaving the App.

☛ Checkout on Facebook & Instagram is currently available to US retailers only.

  • A Suite of Business Tools: By integrating with FBE, you get a broader set of data, helping you drive discovery & sales & manage your experience on all Meta assets.

Features of the App:

Facebook & Instagram Shopping app is a feature-rich solution, helping you scale and grow your Shopify business seamlessly & manage everything from a single location. It helps you in:

  • Facebook Ads:

    • Merchants can create Prospective & Retargeting ads based on brand needs.
    • Use Ads Analytics to monitor the performance of the ads.
  • Easy Set-up & Control:

    • Seamless setup & linking of your business profile, bank account & shop policies.
    • Manage & control your store through a central dashboard.
  • Product Listing & Profiles:

    • List all your products on Facebook Shops & Instagram with a single click.
    • Create customized profiles for your inventory & get profile-based product imports/uploads
  • High-end Synchronization:

    • Real-time synchronization of inventory & orders across your store & Metasurfaces.
    • Gear up your store all fresh with regular updates and retrievals.
  • Order Management & Updates:

    • Experience robust order management throughout Meta surfaces and Shopify Store.
    • Be updated with real-time notifications for errors, stock-out, & orders in the App.
  • Threshold Inventory:

    • Setup a threshold inventory, i.e., the minimum product count that you wish to keep.
    • Whenever a product reaches a threshold, it goes out of stock stopping new orders before refilling.

Exclusive Features from CedCommerce: A Dedicated Account Manager.







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Ads Analytics

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