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Multiple Facebook pixel with conversion api

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Multiple pixel support
Multiple pixel support

You can easily set up multiple Facebook pixels.

Easy profit calculate
Easy profit calculate

The value of the purchase event send to Facebook is your profit instead of the subtotal.

Live events
Live events

Each event performed by your client is live showing on our app page.


  • Our app implements the Facebook conversion API which sends Facebook pixel events through the server to the server and keeps the original browser-side events as well. Events deduplication included and handled by Facebook.

  • Are you struggling with how to get the right ROI? Especially when you are running ads for different products. We calculate the profit in a specific way and send this profit value to Facebook instead of the subtotal value of the order. You can easily determine whether your ad is profitable by watching your ad without thinking too much.


  • We support multiple Facebook pixels. ┬áIt is a useful feature when you are running ads on different Facebook ad accounts.

  • You will get a notification immediately when your client performs a Facebook pixel event such as add to cart, initiate checkout, etc.

  • Our data graph pages are live. That means when your client performs an event the graph will update automatically.