Generate And Print Anti Theft Serial Labels

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Secure and identify

Many products are prone to counterfeits and thefts. Secure your products by giving each and every unit of your products unique identity.

Live Product Authentication

Add product authentication menu to your Shopify store and allow customers verify product authenticity live from your store with a click

Adopt Transparency

With scannable QR codes and serials, transparency is introduced into your supply chain that keep bad players away

Fakesburster is a simple serialization app that protects each of your products from infringements by assigning end to end encrypted unique serials and QR code that is difficult to bypass to each and every unit of your products. Generated serials from Fakesburster are password protected with cvv codes. Making it difficult for your serials to be breached. Assigned serials and QR codes can in turn be printed out and attached to every unit of your products and packaging through internal and external labeling (check documentation on how to attach labels). Customers can then verify the authenticity of the products purchased through the Fakesburster product authentication widget installed in your store

For Manufacturers/Brands/Creators/Print On Demand

  • Unique Serials Generation
  • You Can Also Bulk Import Your Own Serials
  • Generate Compatible QR Codes Per Serial
  • In Built Serial Label Designer
  • Compatible With Any Packaging Design 
  • Compatible with Any Print On Demand Platform
  • Track & Trace Serial Verifications 
  • Get Live Reports Of Any Counterfeit Breach
  • Detect Unauthorized, Illegal supply chain or sales channels of your products through Fakesburster intelligent breach reports. 
  • Print Out Counterfeit Reports As A Proof Of Infringements and win any dispute 
  • Remove infringements on marketplaces such as Etsy, Ebay, Amazon and others.
  • Easily Add Product Authentication Menu To Your Store
  • Connect Your Serials To other platforms through the serial API
  • Give your brand, distributors, retailers and customers the peace of mind they deserve and enjoy unparalleled brand loyalty and protection.

For Retailers

  • Generate And Print Serialized QR Codes Labels
  • Add Identification to every unit of your products and track inventory easily
  • Scannable QR codes at the point of fulfillment for all your orders
  • Add Serials To Orders For Unique Identifications
  • Show Customers Your Products Are Genuine
  • Implement Self Checkout In A Click
  • Massively Reduce Inventory Shrinkage
  • Easily Add Product Authentication Menu To Your Website Or Point Of Sale System (POS)
  • Convert Serials To Warranties (check here on how to do that)
  • Reduce Inventories Confusion And Stress
  • Eliminate Customers Dissatisfaction and increase loyalty

App is suitable for implementing anti theft, anti counterfeit, anti shoplifting and anti fraud for physical products or inventories as a manufacturer or retailer. All new accounts comes with 10,000 serial credits This is applicable to new accounts only.

Insightful Dashboard For Easier Management

Insightful Dashboard For Easier Management

Bulk Generate And  Import Serials

Bulk Generate And Import Serials

Bulk Print QR Codes And Serials

Bulk Print QR Codes And Serials