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Fast Price Editing
Fast Price Editing

Easily change PRICE and COMPARE AT PRICE for multiple products.

Flexible Settings
Flexible Settings

Apply changes to the whole store, specific collections, or products.

Quick Rollback
Quick Rollback

Undo any changes and revert to old prices in 1 click.

FAST Bulk Price Editor is a simple and reliable tool to change prices for multiple products easily. Forget manual updates and messing up with CSVs. Specify the change you want to make, select products and we'll handle the rest. And don't worry - we make a backup for every change. If you changed your mind you can rollback any change literally in 1 click.

What you can do with our app?

  • Increase prices in the whole store by 10%
  • Reduce prices for specific collections by $10
  • Launch a 20% sale for specific products
  • Set new price for products in a specific collection
  • Restore old price from COMPARE AT PRICE field
  • Reset COMPARE AT PRICE value for selected products
  • And much more...

How it works?

  1. Specify which changes to PRICE and COMPARE AT PRICE fields you want to make
  2. Select where to apply changes: whole store, selected collections, selected products
  3. Create a task and we'll apply changes
  4. If you changed your mind simply click Rollback and we'll restore old prices


  • Easily update PRICE and COMPARE AT PRICE for multiple products
  • Apply changes to the whole store, selected collections, or products
  • Rollback changes in 1 click
  • The app does not require any code changes
  • No programming skills needed
  • Change prices for up to 300 products per minute