Fast Forward Filters

Last selected filters are auto-applied on customers next visit

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Automatically Applied Filters

Why to ask your customer to set the filters all over again? We auto-fetch his last filters' selection & give him a smooth buying experience.

Category-wise Filters

If a customer has applied X filters for say Men's Shirts and Y filters for Women's Dress categories, he will be shown filters accordingly.

Changes are Auto-Applied

If a customer makes changes in his filter selections, the app automatically makes changes & accordingly presents him the filters next time.

If a store provides his customers My Orders, My Refunds, My Wishlist, My Addresses etc, why can’t he be provided with My Filters too!

Think of a scenario, when you visit an e-commerce store. You select a category (e.g. Men Fashion), you select the sub-category (e.g. Men Shirts), and then you go to Filters and Sorting.

There are a minimum of 25 filter-selections on a typical fashion e-commerce store. Some of them are - Size, Color, Brand, Price, Pattern, Rating, Discount, Occasion, Fit, Type, Neck, Fabric and others. And each of these selections has got multiple choices, especially Brands.

So, you go to specific categories and choose your options. You apply these selections, come out of it and Voila! You will be presented the choices as per your filter and sorting selections.

Now pause for a moment and digest this:

You visit the same store again and what you see that you will need to apply the filters again!

Undoubtedly filters were made to narrow down your search and is a necessity for any e-commerce store. But why do we ask our customers to keep choosing their set of filters all over again?

Fast -Forward Filters solves this problem for you. How?

Once a customer makes his filter selection, the app saves his Filters and Sorting history. And as and when the customer visits the store again, Fast Forward Filters app auto-applies these filters and sorting for him!

Features of Fast-Forward Filters:

  1. Auto-fetches the customers’ last applied filters & sorting, for each category separately.
  2. Any changes made in the filters or sorting by a customer is auto-saved and overwrites the previous one.
  3. Works well on any e-commerce store.
  4. Whatsoever filter application your store is using, Fast Forward Filters app will work on all of them.
  5. Whether you have a web-site store or a mobile app, Fast Forward Filters application works across devices.

Benefits for Customers:

  1. Personalised filters
  2. Hassle free shopping experience
  3. Saves times
  4. Quicker check-out
Quick filters. Instant Filters.

Quick filters. Instant Filters.

Filters history. Recent filters. Auto applied filters.

Filters history. Recent filters. Auto applied filters.

Filters history. Recent filters. Auto applied filters.

Filters history. Recent filters. Auto applied filters.

Quick Filters. Easy Set Up.

Quick Filters. Easy Set Up.