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Maps Tally Ledgers
Maps Tally Ledgers

Seamless inventory and order management by mapping Shopify store locations with theirrespective Tally inventory locations

Auto Invoice In Tally
Auto Invoice In Tally

By syncing orders from Shopify and inventory from Tally the app sends mapped orders to Tally ERP for Invoicing

Syncs Refunds
Syncs Refunds

Creates Credit Notes in Tally for Shopify Refunds


The Fatafat Tally ERP App by WebBee Global is exclusively developed for sellers using Shopify eCommerce platform as a storefront and Tally ERP 9.0 as a back-end system. The app offers an automated sync and exchange of data like customer information, item SKUs and inventory between Shopify and Tally for fulfillment, shipping, inventory and order management without any need to separate login between Shopify and Tally. After installing, the apps makes the Shopify order fulfillment and other business processing faster, efficient and accurate through Tally ERP.

Features of the App

Providing an automated integration between Shopify and Tally ERP for seamless order and fulfillment processing, the Fatafat Tally ERP has the following distinguished features.

  • Process Shopify orders to be automatically invoiced by Tally ERP.
  • The app syncs order and refunds from Shopify and Tally and provides complete overview of sync order for present day, a week, last 30 days, total sync and non-synced orders.
  • The app comes with a simpler and easy interface with step wise guidance for a complete setup.
  • Present complete order log for the orders sent to Tally for Accounting.
  • Sends e-mail notification too admin about mismatched SKUs or errors.
  • Supports Tally order actions for voucher type for order and return.
  • Maps all Shopify shipping methods with their respective Tally shipping ledgers internal IDs.
  • Maps all Shopify store locations with their respective Tally inventory locations.
  • Supports Shipping and Invoice Discount Tax ledger mapping between Shopify and Tally

Benefits of the App

Offering an automated Shopify order invoicing and inventory updates, the Fatafat Tally ERP offers a Shopify store owner in India following process related benefits.

  • With automated customer, inventory and order data syncing between Shopify and Tally the Shopify order fulfillment and shipping become more faster, accurate and efficient.
  • The automation of invoicing process improves data accuracy in absence of manual data entry that otherwise results into flawed info with lots of typing errors and wrong information
  • Lets you scale business