Export store files, product images and videos in one click.

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Zero configuration

Export all your Shopify files in one click.

Fast, reliable and safe

We don't store information about your files in any way, operations are being processed by Shopify servers.

Easy theme transfer

The app keeps all file names, so you can transfer your files to a new store without a need to reconfigure your theme.

Download your Shopify store files in one click

This app will help you to:

  • Copy/transfer your store files
  • Export your brand assets and documents
  • Export your products images / videos / 3D models
  • Make a backup of your store files

Using only one button - you will be able to download all files stored in the "Settings -> Files" section. Filey will let you download all files in a zip archive, keeping all the file names. So you will be able to upload and use these files in a new store, without a need to modify your theme.

Steps to download your files using Filey

  • Install the app
  • Click the "Download files" button
  • Get your files in a few moments, compressed to a zip archive

Duplicating a store using zip archive exported by Filey

  • Download and extract a files zip archive from your old store using Filey
  • Open the "Settings -> Files" section in your new store Shopify admin, and upload the extracted files
  • Download your theme file from your old store using "Actions -> Download theme file" action in your themes folder
  • Upload your theme to a new store
  • All files assets will be available right away in your theme
Click the button

Click the button

Wait for download to complete

Wait for download to complete

Enjoy your files

Enjoy your files