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Ditch your desktop
Ditch your desktop

As a true SaaS solution for inventory management, FBO lets you sign in and manage your inventory from anywhere with a wifi connection.

Mobility when you want it
Mobility when you want it

Fishbowl Online Mobile gives you complete access to your inventory and the ability to scan barcodes right from your smartphone or tablet.

Data on demand
Data on demand

Realtime integrations mean data is transferred between systems instantly, so you're always working with the most up-to-date information.

Fishbowl Online takes the hardware off your hands so you can focus on growing your business. By hosting your data on the cloud instead of a server somewhere in the warehouse you are no longer held back by the limitations of your hardware, and can access your inventory from any connected device. Fishbowl Online's API allows for new and improved integrations, and embedded locations let you independently track multiple levels of inventory. Not only that, but the all-new app Fishbowl Online Mobile gives you mobility when you need it. With a more complete set of features than Fishbowl Go, Fishbowl Online Mobile allows you to stay productive even when you aren’t on-site.

Fishbowl Online has many features for your business. First, it is a SaaS solution which allows you to sign in and manage your inventory from any computer, without the need for an on-site server. Additionally, Fishbowl Online Mobile provides access to your inventory from your mobile device. Realtime integrations support data transfers between connected systems. Additional costing method supports multiple methods with the ability to track by serial number and actual costing. Alerts and notifications which provide automatic notifications when inventory is low and again when it is received into stock. Finally, saved advanced search tabs that quickly get you the information you use the most with saved search lists.