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Grow your strategy
Grow your strategy

No more guesswork, start to manage your audience more effectively with the advanced tracking and predicting system for data-driven strategy.

Take a hands-free approach
Take a hands-free approach

Automate your customer journey with our easy-to-use pre-built templates. Set your welcome series, cart recovery, and other automation flows.

Be ready for big events
Be ready for big events

Sell more by sending promotional emails & SMS that you can design in no time with easy to use drag-n-drop editor & template library.

Flowio gives you a powerful tool that you need to automate revenue-generating activities through automation marketing, implement effective email & SMS marketing, improve targeting with advanced audience management.

Sell while you sleep with Automation Flow

No more manual work, let all of your campaigns run automatically even when you’re sleeping. Regardless of what your need is, with our pre-built messages and workflows, you can effortlessly modify them to:

  • Nurture your leads - by sending welcome messages, personal thank-you notes & exclusive offers to your targeted lists
  • Retain old customers - recover your lost sales and boost the repeat sales by sending repurchase prompts, cross-sell recommendations & cart recovery messages.

Improve targeting with advanced audience management

Manage your customers effectively through syncing audience data and tracking their shopping cycle. Instead of guessing lead quality, use lead scoring to define your potential leads. From that, segment your customers and send personalized & targeted messages respectively to increase the conversion rate at the right time.

Send Email & SMS Marketing that understand every customer

Blast out your personalized newsletter, promotions, product suggestions, and other marketing campaigns to your hyper-targeted groups. Also, ensure your messages look amazing on any device with our library of responsive pre-built templates.

Create emails in minutes with drag & drop content editing

Be a designer and get your emails ready in a flash by dragging & dropping Flowio’s builder components. Moreover, make granular style adjustments for your professional emails with Content Grid settings.

Easy to migrate

Easily migrate from other SMS & Email platform like Firepush, Klaviyo, SMSBump, Omnisend, Postscript, Drip. How? Our support team is always here to get our hands dirty working alongside you!

Easy to try

Get your starter package with 20,000 monthly emails and you will have access to the powerful pre-built strategy with data-driven sales to stay ahead of the competition.