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Increase conversions by improving site speed

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Understand site performance

A synthetic test only tells you so much. Fudge monitors your site to tell you exactly how many users are impacted by slow page loads.

Quantify impact on revenue

Fudge combines performance and sales data to tell you exactly how much revenue you're losing because of slow page loads.

Improve performance

Improve your site's speed with just one click. Fudge shows you which issues impact your site's performance and fixes it.

Fudge increases revenue by improving your site speed .

Our tracking script collects and analyzes data from users on your site. We quantify the loss on revenue from slow page loads and automate changes to improve this.

Use real data to understand site performance

Understand exactly how your site is performing through the eyes of your users. "It was eye opening to see how our site speed differs depending on the users."

Quantify how many users are lost from slow page loads

Find and watch unhealthy sessions that cause user drop-off. See which user journeys contain the most friction. "Fudge showed us that our conversions were 82% lower for users experiencing slow page loads."

Implement site improvement changes in seconds

Fudge makes it easy for anyone to implement the recommended updates. Anyone, no matter what their background, can understand and action the changes. "We increased our conversions by 27% with Fudge."

Not a technical expert - no problem.

Fudge adds explanations in descriptive and simple terms. We also available if you have any questions.

Privacy comes first

We built Fudge with GDPR in mind. We never capture sensitive data by default. All data is encrypted, in transit, and at rest.

Get started in seconds.

Install Fudge in just a few clicks. You don’t need any expertise to set it up and no configuration is required.

Site performance based on your real users

Site performance based on your real users

Impact on revenue from slow page loads

Impact on revenue from slow page loads

View and action improvements to increase revenue

View and action improvements to increase revenue