Competitor Price Tracking & Automated Pricing.

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Outperform Your Competitors
Outperform Your Competitors

Uncover competitor's product prices to set reasonable rates—time to get savvy. Wow your customers, and sell more.

Stay In Control
Stay In Control

Customize rules to prevent auto-updated lower pricing than your profit margin that leads to losses.

Stay Competitive
Stay Competitive

Initiate automation for continuous price analysis. Keep yourself free from tedious workload. Instead, do what you're best at.

About FuzRepricer

Install FuzRepricer to have dynamic price analysis and repricing automation. You can now sneak peek at competitor prices, compare pricing, and beat everyone.

Why is FuzRepricer a remarkable companion for boosting your business?

We know how stressful it’s to run a manual price analysis. Your competitors change rates regularly.

Yet, you might not have any idea how to track them. And worse, manage time for this tedious work out of your busy schedule.

You can do things that matter to you instead of price analysis. FuzRepricer offers automation and price comparison in one page.

Imagine there will be no more hours of tiresome work every day! Instead, have a profitable business and grow independent with the help of FuzRepricer.


  • Track unlimited competitors and compare the lowest to highest market prices with your product value.
  • Activate repricing automation and savor tension-free price monitoring.
  • Customize automation rules in the app to prevent pricings that you don't want.
  • Add products and paste competitor links avoiding hassle.

Is price analysis not your forte? Please, leave it to us. Get FuzRepricer now and let it be your personal repricing manager.