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Quick to install

Once you've set up your GA4 property, just paste your Measurement ID into our app, click save and that's it done!

Easy to use

We have done everything for you, no additional configuration, code or theme changes are required.

Full support

All of our customers get full support by our expert Analytics pro who has worked with Google Analytics 18 years.

Getting GA4 up and running on your store with The GA4 App couldn't be easier

There's only three steps to get your tracking set up

  1. Set up your GA4 Property
  2. Copy and paste your Measurement ID into The GA4 App
  3. Click "Save" and start analyzing!

Google are retiring Universal Analytics at the end of June 2023 and all stores will need to use GA4 from 1st July 2023. The sooner you start using GA4, the more historical data you'll have to track your store performance and manage your marketing and advertising. Get GA4 set up quick and easily today with The GA4 App.

Create your GA4 Property

Create your GA4 Property

Enter your GA4 Measurement ID

Enter your GA4 Measurement ID

Start Analyzing

Start Analyzing