Donate to a vast number of charitities, increasing LTV & AOV

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Who are we

Generaize is a multidimensional charity platform offering fundraising avenues for a vast number of charities worldwide. With advanced technology it provides an opportunity for charities to easily connect with their community, retrieve invaluable user data, collaborate with celebrities, seamlessly create campaigns, connect with brands and most importantly be easily discovered, increasing steady streams of yearly supporters and community growth.

What you can achieve

By installing this app, the merchant is able to donate a portion of his income from the purchase of his products to specified nonprofits. And it is completely transparent to his customers!

How to Use Generaize

Merchant donations: Merchants can select a percentage or fixed amount to their catalog, to specified collections and/or specific products. These donation will automatically be collected when a customer order is complete. Donations are routed to nonprofits on the Generaize platform and selectable upon plugin configuration. A valid payment method is also required for the donation to be valid (we handle all the back-end donation processing). Also, the merchant must exist (as donor) on the Generaize platform and have a valid API key.