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Easy to use subscription app with English & Japanese support.

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English and Japanese-supported
English and Japanese-supported

Admin side comes with 2 languages, and by contacting us we can offer more languages for the Shop side for premium plan (coming soon) users.

Intuitive admin and storefront
Intuitive admin and storefront

With a simple and clean UI, you can easily add subscription options to the products on your store.

 simple & clear subscriptions
simple & clear subscriptions

Increase customer satisfaction by introducing subscriptions that do not require complicated procedures.

A bilingual (English & Japanese) subscription app that uses the Shopify subscription API.

Features All the following are supported in both English and Japanese. Shopify administration screen Customer storefront Customer notification email App support Set different discount rates for each delivery frequency. Customization of the storefront design and functionality is available upon request. Intuitive UI

BASIC PLAN Add subscription option using Shopify subscription API Register multiple delivery frequencies for a single product (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) Set discount rates for each delivery frequency Customers can change the following settings on their account My Page Cancel or suspend subscriptions Change credit card information The above information can also be edited from the Shopify admin page. Email notifications to customers about subscriptions The following information can be viewed in the Shopify admin panel Total number of subscriptions Number of active subscriptions Total subscribed sales List of subscribed subscribers Contract details of subscribers

PREMIUM PLAN (COMING SOON) In addition to the core features available in the BASIC PLAN, the following additional features are under development Customers will be able to change the following on their Account My Page Skip subscriptions Change shipping address

We can also provide design customization support when the app is installed. (Cost will be charged additionally.)

If you would like to add new features specific to your store, please contact GO RIDE for more information (additional development costs will be discussed separately).