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Your users are your best reps
Your users are your best reps

On Gooie, the endorsers come to the brand. Use Gooie to incentivise and mobilise all of your customers to sell your product for you.

Smarter marketing spend
Smarter marketing spend

Don't overpay influencers. On Gooie, payment to endorsers is only made based on products sold. Only pay them for their ability to convert.

Incite authentic marketing
Incite authentic marketing

Authenticity breeds trust. Trust makes sales. On Gooie, your endorsers choose you because they love your product. Authenticity by design

Goo.ie companion connects you as a merchant to the Goo.ie platform. It's the critical link between your loyal customers and your e-commerce store.

Affiliate Marketing has great benefits but can often be a hassle:

  • Merchants have to arduously find, negotiate with and pay affiliates
  • Merchants have to manually manage discount codes for tracking affiliates.
  • Affiliates often get paid and don't deliver on terms
  • Affiliates don’t trust the merchant to pay them their cut of sales
  • Affiliates don’t have a mechanism to see their sales results
  • Affiliates/influencers lack authenticity
  • Merchants are limited to selling through the affiliates they find.

Goo.ie has solved these problems by providing a social endorsement platform where anyone can sign up and ‘endorse’ any product on the Goo.ie platform and be rewarded for it. That means every single member of your loyal user base can effectively become an affiliate and publicly endorse your brand, without you having to do any work.

Once you install the Goo.ie companion and sign up to our platform, any user on the Goo.ie social platform can endorse your product by adding a ‘referral link’ that directs to your Shopify store from their Goo.ie profile.

How do users endorse you and generate sales?

  1. A Goo.ie user creates a ‘referral link' on their Goo.ie profile.
  2. Anyone who clicks that link will be directed to your store to purchase products + services with a discount configured by you, the merchant. The Goo.ie companion app handles all the referral and discount code configuration through Shopify based on the percent discount you pre-configured on the Goo.ie platform.
  3. When a Goo.ie referred purchase is made through your store, the Goo.ie companion app will charge you through Shopify for the endorser's percentage commission that you pre-configured. Goo.ie will then handle all the endorser payments for you.

Minimising onboarding hurdles

We don't have any lengthy sign up or application processes. Endorsers and influencers just on click sign up with their socials

On the Goo.ie platform we provide analytics and insights as to who is endorsing you. We rank and detail all the endorsers so you can see

  • what their total sales are
  • average sales total
  • average items per sale
  • click through conversion rates and more!

You also get linked straight through to all their social profiles if you want to get further in touch. Of course you always have the ability to ban endorsers if you require more control.

Endorsers get the same analytics, so not only do they get full trust that they’re getting paid for their work, they’re also provided with the tools to improve their own marketing abilities.