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Manage with Shopify

Shopify’s Google channel makes it easy to get your products on Google while everything is managed with Shopify.

List your products for free

Showcase your products for free across Google—Search, Shopping, Images, Lens, and YouTube.

Boost your reach with ads

Create your Smart Shopping campaigns in Shopify, set a budget, and let Google’s smart technology optimize your ad.

Get your products discovered with Shopify’s Google channel.

The Google channel makes it easy for you to reach the millions of shoppers that use Google to find the products they need. Merchants can:

  • List products for free on Google.

  • Enable seamless checkout with Buy on Google. Available to eligible US businesses.

  • Run paid Smart Shopping campaigns to promote products across Google.

Regardless of your budget, you can get your products in front of shoppers when they are looking for them on Google. Free listings on Google help you get in front of the millions of shoppers that use the search engine to discover & purchase products.

Smart Shopping campaigns are paid ads that help you reach shoppers on YouTube, Gmail, Search and across their Display Network. To set up a Smart Shopping campaign, just sync your products and set a daily budget. Google will optimize your campaign and choose the best time and place to show your products to shoppers.

New to Google Advertising?

Businesses new to advertising with Google can earn up to $500 in ad credit. We’ll match your spending on Smart Shopping campaigns up to $500 within the first 60 days.

Credits earned can take up to 5 days to be applied to you

Which countries are free listings on Google available in?

Free listings on Google is available for merchants selling in these countries: Finland, Netherlands, Greece, Switzerland, Hungary, Czechia, Romania, Canada, Slovakia, Turkey, USA, Mexico, UK, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, France, Norway, Japan, Belgium, Brazil, Austria, Australia, Poland, Spain, Russia, Italy, India, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Israel, Thailand, Ukraine, Republic of Korea, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, UAE, Portugal, Malaysia, Philippines, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Taiwan.

Where will my products appear on Google?

If you’re running a Smart Shopping campaign, your products can appear on Google Search, the Shopping tab, Gmail, Youtube and the Google Display Network.

If you’re selling in the U.S., then free listings can appear in search results across Google. If you're selling outside the U.S., free listings will appear on the Shopping tab.

What does a Smart Shopping campaign cost?

You set your own daily budget. You only pay if someone clicks on your ad.

Can I run both a Smart Shopping campaign & have a free listing at the same time?

Yes, you can run both at the same time. A free listing can support your paid ads & ensure you’re more discoverable.


You acknowledge that Shopify may be compensated by Google in accordance with Google's policy: support.google.com/adspolicy/answer/141252?hl=en.

You can choose any Comparison Smart Shopping Service via the CSS dashboard available in Merchant Center.

Example of product sync list with Google Merchant Center.

Example of product sync list with Google Merchant Center.

Example of Google Smart Shopping campaign creation screen.

Example of Google Smart Shopping campaign creation screen.

Sample dashboard showing sales, orders, etc.

Sample dashboard showing sales, orders, etc.

Overview page of Shopify's Google channel

Overview page of Shopify's Google channel