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Improve Conversion Rate
Improve Conversion Rate

Increase engagement & mobile sales with Product Stories. Directly imported and synced in real time with Instagram Stories & Highlights

Short Form Videos
Short Form Videos

Leverage video testimonials & product in-use videos to increase purchase intent. Then let consumers buy products directly from videos.

Embed Unlimited Stories
Embed Unlimited Stories

Take your customers' best Tiktok, Insta videos, and embed it directly on your site! Testimonials can increase sales page conversions by 34%

Did you know that increasing your conversion rate by just 1% could mean thousands of dollars in sales for your business?

People are visiting your store. But they don't pull out their wallets. You've launched your store but you can't find ways to sell more. You throw money at ads but people don't buy.

Does your brand's Instagram profile have Stories & Highlights of influencer testimonials, customer reviews, UGC, new release announcements, etc.,?

Leverage the Instagram media content & stories to engage potential buyers landed onto your site from Ads. Maximize your Return on Ad Spend.

Seeing friends, influencers, celebrities vet a product means a lot for new potential buyers landed on your store via Ads.

Why show TikTok-like videos on your store?

Short-form video content is essential in order to succeed. It’s how Instagram’s Stories—and then Reels—and TikTok have become important formats to present products to potential buyers.


  • Reduce bounce rates
  • Increase time on site
  • Promote your campaigns
  • Showcase your best sellers
  • Highlight your offers

App Features

  • No developer needed.
  • Self-service Story builder.
  • Google Analytics integration.
  • Analytics Weekly Email Reports.

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  • imagebykelz.com