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Create BOGO and Gift with Purchase campaign for your EC store!

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Increase your customer loyalty
Increase your customer loyalty

Maintain and enhance brand loyalty by rewarding your customers.

Multiple campaigns
Multiple campaigns

Grow sales with running multiple campaigns simultaneously.

Exclusivity of gift product
Exclusivity of gift product

Gift products will only be going to be added to the cart when customers meet certain conditions.

GWP - Gift with Purchase is a robust app to create and manage various campaign on your EC site. It will allow you to easily create campaigns to increase conversion rate and average order value.

What can GWP - Gift with Purchase do? With GWP - Gift with Purchase, you can create and manage various campaigns on your EC site. You can easily create a campaign in just a few steps.


Create a fantastic Buy One Get One campaign when customer meet a certain conditions.


Automatically adding gifts when customer total cart values are above a specific threshold.

Automatically adding gift to the cart

Both BOGO and Gift product will be added automatically on the cart once customer meet certain conditions. No need to apply any coupon or

Exclusive gift

Products that are going to be a gift will be protected from being added to the cart when customer adjust their shopping cart and no longer meet the condition for earning the gift.

Gift Threshold

Set a gift threshold value so that customer can earn a gift when their shopping cart reach those said value.

Message threshold

With message threshold, you can remind your customer about the gift they could earn when their shopping cart just about to reach a certain value.

Track performance

Understand the most successful campaign to help you optimize your marketing strategy.

Set visibility of the campaign

Easily enable or disable the campaign whenever you want. When a campaign is in disable mode, it will not affect the other campaign. Other settings are also easy to edit and scheduled even after you save it.