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Sales report, shipping tracking, inventory , COGS and more.

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Track business metrics
Track business metrics

Track your sales, shipping, channels, inventory and profit!

Accurate Profit Calculator
Accurate Profit Calculator

Live profit calculation simplified, no more manual work! Calculate & track your business profitability real-time.

Measure Profits, Taxes, Fees
Measure Profits, Taxes, Fees

All the reports you ever needed in one app! track transaction fees, taxes, product cost, and know your profit. Export any data set.

Smarty reporting and analytics for Shopify

  • Smarty Report gives you instant access to manage your business easier and creates exportable reports for all functions of your store.

Main features:

  1. Only ONE app for all Shopify features! don't pay different rates.

  2. Accurate COGS calculation to truly know your profit. 

  3. Exportable reports with drop designer

  4. Real-Time shipping status updates for quicker customer service.

  5. Multiple reports: Sales, sales channels & Location, inventory, and more.

  6. Identify most / least profitable products

  7. Tracks best-selling products 

  8. Track collected tax per location

  9. Track refunds/returned product 

  10. Track orders and items pending fulfillment

  11. Easier management of inventory levels and get alerts to restock products.

  12. Total and sub-totals

  13. Reports load quickly and easily synched up.

  14. Identify most / least profitable products

  15. Generate customer mailing lists based on purchase history

  16. Save monthly transaction reports for reconciliation.

  17. Our Values: Trust, innovation, and Security

  • We follow best practices to make sure your data is safe and secure. Your business data security is of our utmost importance! We got you!