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Synchronize sales and stock with Hiboutik

Hiboutik is an online POS solution to manage a physical store. This application enables to manage a single stock for your online store and your brick-and-mortar shops.

  • Update your inventory into Shopify when a sale, a return/exchange, a stock order or an inventory count occurs in Hiboutik,
  • Send Shopify orders to your Hiboutik account (to finally update your in-store inventory).


Link all your products on both solution with the product barcode.

You can export your Hiboutik product database into your Shopify account with a preformated CSV file available in 'Products/Import-Export/Export data: Products'.

In the application:

  • A 'Settings' section specifies how and where an online sale should be registered into Hiboutik.
  • A 'Products' section lists all products for which the stock has been synced recently.
  • A 'log errors' section lists all products that cannot be synced (ex: barcode not found).

How is it working?

Hiboutik sale : When a sale is closed, inventory of products involved in this sale is automatically updated on your Shopify account.

Shopify sale : The sync is launched when the online sale reaches the 'Paid' status.

The sync will automatically:

  • create a new sale in Hiboutik,
  • create the Shopify customer and addresses (for new ones) and assign the customer to the sale,
  • add all the products sold online including shipping fees to the sale,
  • and withdraw quantities sold from inventory in the limit of stock available.

If the automatic validation of sale is not enabled in the app, the sale will appear as a parked sale.

Hiboutik Products Synchronized

Hiboutik Products Synchronized

Hiboutik Errors Encountered

Hiboutik Errors Encountered

Hiboutik Settings

Hiboutik Settings