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The app allows you to hide your store products from search results and search engines.

Do I need it?

There are a variety of reasons you might want to not now show products to the public e.g.:

  • Products are for internal use only
  • Products are part of customer-specific collections if you provide trade/wholesale functionality on your retails store
  • You need to have supplemental products for your custom functionality like a gift with purchase, discounted items, bundle item etc.
  • (add your own)

As you see there are quite a few cases when you want to make specific elements unavailable to the public.

Don't think that if a product isn't assigned to any collection it's not accessible. Just try to search it in your store built-in search bar using a title or some keywords that real customers might use, and see what's in your results.

Our app will help you by removing products from search but keeping them available on your online store.