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Happy Customer
Happy Customer

When your customers find what they want quickly, the chances of buying are greatly increased, with HintUPĀ® your customers will buy up to 40%

Sales Growth
Sales Growth

We created HintUPĀ® to boost sales in your online store, this is our core business, let us prove that this is possible


Let us prove, what we spent years studying and creating, a tool that will make a difference for your business, you will love it!

Discover Our Tools

  1. Abandoned Cart: One of the biggest pains of shopkeepers today is to reduce the amount of carts that are abandoned, recovering this customer quickly is essential, as soon as customers start their journey in the store, placing products in the cart, we start together the monitoring this cart, if he leaves the cart, its recovery is started automatically, through intelligent and studied actions to persuade the customer to close this order.

  2. Poptops: Retention windows for customers who are leaving your store, or with doubts to close the purchase, helping the customer to decide for the purchase is essential, with our windows (popups), your store will have several models of Poptops that will help your store capture new leads and increase your sales.

  3. Smart Showcases: Through special algorithms, the shop windows capture the customer's interest, at the same moment he starts the journey in your virtual store, following the user on each page he visits, interacting with him through product recommendations, that will meet your interests, what is important to know is that we are in a huge country, with the most diverse cultures and interests, it is essential to have a solution that meets each client in a personalized way and individually.

  4. Smart Search: Smart search will lead to your customers, the products related to the entered term, and more, the customer may misspell and even then our search will bring the products to him, he may also add the product color that he wants to buy, sometimes the customer wants to combine several products by their color, or buy something red for their home.

  5. Recommended Emails: Here we have the extension of your online store into your customers' email inbox, it's as if your online store enters their email, making efficient and relevant product recommendations for your customers. public, it is very important to work on this sales channel, which are the emails, after all, the function of your virtual store is to sell, and there is nothing better than serving several channels for that.