Hreflang Manager

Multi-store solution guiding customers to their localized shop

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Display the right local store
Display the right local store

If customers search for one of your international stores, they will always find their proper local versions based on their browser settings.

Unify international stores
Unify international stores

Unite and connect all local store versions and their products in one app.

Autosync store products
Autosync store products

Customers can find their desired product while you have all your products and stores' pages synchronized.

Lift SEO of your international stores to improve their rankings. Manage all your stores' hreflang tags from one place with Hreflang Manager.

Who is Hreflang Manager for?

If you have multiple stores for different languages or countries, it is better to tell the search engines about it. Doing so will lead your customers to the most appropriate version of your store by language or region and will prevent the stores from penalties for duplicated content.

With Hreflang Manager, when customers search for a local store of your international business, they always find the right one. No 'vĂȘtements' for those who look for 'clothes'.

How does Hreflang Manager work?

When you add stores (at least two are required), you select the language and region (optional) for which it is preferable to display each store.

So, when French-speaking merchants search for your store or product, they find its French version, not the English or Spanish versions. This includes content synchronization between connected stores. The app supports the sync of products with different handles (slugs) as well!

Other customers whose settings don't match the app stores' settings will be redirected to the x-default store. Now, you are the one who makes SEO magic for your international business!

Hreflang Manager key features:

  • Plain and simple installation to enhance the stores' SEO without coding
  • Synchronization of products, collections, pages, blogs, and blog articles between international stores.
  • Automatic product synchronization of all stores if a new product has been added to a store
  • Relevant local stores and products for customers all over the world
  • Easy synchronization of product matches between stores, even if products have duplicated SKU/Barcode
  • Support of multi-language stores
  • From June 1st - support of Weglot among other translation apps

How do I get started with Hreflang Manager?

To start with Hreflang Manager, add the app to 2 different stores, establish their local versions, add the app snippet, and you are ready to go!