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Performance-based influencer marketing solution for retailers

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Effortlessly enable all your customers to promote your products through all of their social media platforms.

Network Effect
Network Effect

Our ever growing community of influencers and followers will exponentially grow your customer base.


Performance based social media app provides a medium to listen, engage, and showing empathy seamlessly leading to future sales.


Inflooense app is a performance-based influencer marketing technology for retailers who want to use the selling power of influencers - people who have social media following and are passionate about their products. Inflooense solves the problem of untrackable influencer performance, as well as empowers anyone with a social following to have the opportunity to make money on products they love. Influencers can shop, post, and earn all right from the Inflooense mobile app! It has never been simpler to be an influencer.

It's Easy

Activate the Inflooense plug-in on your e-commerce platform to seamlessly add products from checkout to your customers Inflooense app.

Hassle Free

We’ve developed a plugin that seamlessly hooks into your Shopify e-commerce platform for a distraction free experience. There’s no distracting sign in and we never interfere with the buying process. Products users buy with their Inflooense email are automatically added.

Save Time

No more agencies, negotiations or software. Utilize ALL of your customers to expand your brands reach.


Inflooense links are solely created through product checkouts, removing any chance of fraudulent or misleading promotions that cost you money. Sorry scammers!