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Manage Your Relationships
Manage Your Relationships

Welcome new influencers and communicate with old favorites using GRIN’s tools for managing every stage of influencer relationships.

Generate & Manage Content
Generate & Manage Content

Never let a great pic or post go to waste. GRIN organizes all your influencer content and helps you find, track, and repurpose all of it.

Get Deep Insights and Stats
Get Deep Insights and Stats

KPIs, check. Track and present ROI on every influencer and campaign with our spreadsheet-free system.

Influencer Marketing for Shopify

Drive revenue, website traffic, and brand awareness by empowering your team to run influencer marketing programs with efficiency and scale.

The 3 most time-consuming tasks for influencer marketing are:

  1. Searching social media platforms for qualified influencers
  2. Outreach emails and the resulting back-and-forth to activate them
  3. Fulfilling their product orders

We designed GRIN to drastically reduce the time spent on each of these tasks. Here’s how:


GRIN has options to filter your search by location, follower count, engagement rate, and a lot more. This means you don’t have to waste time looking at influencers who don’t fit your criteria, giving you more time to evaluate high-quality content. Additionally, you don’t have to reload several screens to view their photos and videos because their content is pulled into GRIN and viewable in-stream.

Once you’ve found the right influencers...


Add qualified influencers to prospecting and email ALL of them from your own email address. Track their opens and set rules for automatic follow-up if they don’t respond. Use our proven outreach templates to boost reply rates, or test your own communication strategies. Manage all influencer emails in GRIN so you don’t clog your business inbox.


Grab and store all the contact info you need from your influencers (shipping address, size, color preference, etc.) by having them fill out a mobile-optimized landing page. This info is stored in our CRM, right next to all your communication history and notes. Influencers don’t have to create an account. Feel free to import your existing influencer list in GRIN.


You can allow influencers to choose between several different products and variations if you'd like, which is synced with Shopify so you only provide items that are actually available. Once they’ve selected, you can create an order in Shopify and issue fulfillment with 2 clicks.


Send your campaign details like required @tags and #hashtags and the campaign brief. Then let them create! GRIN pulls their content into the system and lets you know who’s posted and who hasn’t. You can track impressions and engagement rates, but by issuing dynamically generated unique coupon codes or affiliate links, you can track actual revenue generated at the individual influencer level. This gives you insight into which influencers you want to build long-term relationships with.


GRIN isnʼt a marketplace or a network looking for a cut of your budget. Itʼs subscription-based software that helps you run influencer marketing programs your way. You get the systems and data you need while retaining complete control of your influencer relationships.